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Cebu: The reason why investors loved Cebu.

Cebu: The reason why investors loved Cebu.

The authority of the government emanates from the Cebuano people and by the Cebuano people. – Cebu Capitol, Capitol Hills Cebu City Built 1937 Under the Commonwealth Government of the United States of America.”

Cebu is rich because we are proud and loved Cebu so much and we are one united Cebu.

9 major cities that composes the metropolitan CEBU:

Cebu City
Mandaue City
Lapulapu City
Danao City
Bogo City
Carcar City
Naga City
Talisay City
Toledo City

Cebu has the highest economic growth rate anywhere in the country and higher than that of the national capital region. Foreign investment Group make cebu Ranked number eight as a great Potential Investment Hub.
by the Finance Direct Investment (fDi) magazine of the Financial Times Group. Investment advisory firms tholons and the global services publication ranked cebu as the number one city for Business Process Outsourcing companies overtaking the three cities in india.

Cebu is also ranked as the Top ten Best asian Cities.
With over Five billion US dollars in annual revenue in our
export industry alone. Cebu’s Major Industries are Electronics / electrical equipment manufacturing, car manufacturing, gun manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, computers, metals and precision instruments, chemicals, industrial parts assembly, food processing, furniture, fashion accessories, gifts, toys and housewares (GTH), garments, stonecraft, shipbuilding, and mining. More than eighty percent (80%) of the Countries Inter Island Shipping are Cebuano owned Companies.


Cebu Region

Population : 2,400,000
GDP: $15 billion
GDP: $9 billion (In Cebu City Alone)
GDP/Capita: $6,250.00 (Highest Standard of living in the country, GDP Comparable to Malaysia and Higher than Manila the National Capital Region)

National Capital Region (NCR Manila)

Population: 12,000,000
GDP: $50 billion
GDP/Capita: $4,166.00 ( means majority of the people has a low standard of living)

Crime Rate:

Cebu Crime Rate

0.96 per 10,000 people. (Comparable to NAGOYA JAPAN) 1 or 2 offenders / 10,000)

National Capital Region (Manila) Crime Rate

22.9 per 10,000 people.

Some prominent Cebuano Companies are:

JG Holdings, Digitel, Robinsons Land, Universal Robina, UIC, Gaisano Group of Companies, Aboitiz Group of Companies, WG&A, Cokaliong shipping lines, Gothong Shipping lines, Sulpicio lines, Norkis Group of Companies, Lhuillier Jewellers, Penshoppe, Oxygen, Loalde, Island Souvenirs, BO’s Coffee Club, Julie’s Bakeshop, Orange Brutus, Mother’s Fried Chicken,
Cebu Pacific Airlines, Sun Cellular, Wellmade Corporations, Uniherbs, SilkAir, Popcola, Sunsports, Island Paint Corporations.

Bigfoot Entertainment
Cebu Provincial Government
Cebu City Hall

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