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Fullmoon Party Videos

Fullmoon Party Videos

Check out Dawn, Pafi & Dani in Koh Phangan, Thailand where they document party goers on the beach celebrating the Full Moon. You can check their website and see how partying is done in Thailand.

Twenty years ago a few touring backpackers happened upon a small island in the southern gulf of Thailand named Koh Phangan. The island was beautiful and virtually untouched by outsiders so they decided to stay and explore. They ventured over coconut covered hills down to the southern most tip and gazed out over the soft white sand beaches below.

Back then the beaches of Haad Rin had few accommodations so they settled in at Paradise Beach Bungalows at the south end of the beach. The bungalows were modest but affordably priced for backpackers on a budget. The owners were friendly and the view was breath taking.

The nights were warm but comfortable with the soft breezes that came off the ocean. Perfect for sitting back and relaxing after the long trip to reach this paradise. To pass the evening the back packers built a small fire on the beach near the large rock formations that create a border between the beach and the surrounding jungle. They enjoyed some cool drinks, listened to some trance music and danced under the light of the full moon. And there it was. The first Full Moon Party.

From that night on people would get together and celebrate on the night of each full moon. Slowly word of the get together spread and each month the party got bigger and bigger. Today the Full Moon Party brings about 10,000 people from all across the globe to Koh Phangan to have a night of fun that they will always remember.

Full Moon Schedule 2009 Full Moon Schedule 2010
Thursday 31 December 2009 Saturday 30 January 2010
Monday 01 March 2010
Tuesday 30 March 2010
Wednesday 28 April 2010
Saturday 29 May 2010
Saturday 26 June 2010
Wednesday 28 July 2010
Wednesday 25 August 2010
Thursday 23 September 2010
Saturday 23 October 2010
Sunday 21 November 2010
Tuesday 21 December 2010
Saturday 25 December 2010
Friday 31 December 2010

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