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Gone For The Weekend

Gone For The Weekend

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Nyx Martinez is a writer, artist, TV Host, and project developer for various charities. Born in the Philippines and raised in Southeast Asia, she has traveled around the world, raising awareness of human-development issues through art and creative programs.

Her website features both her past and current work projects.


GFTW Ep1- Take a road trip with our correpondents to Coron, Palawan, where you can enjoy the majestic scenery of Coron. Share in the unique experience of exploring the underwater world.

GFTW Ep2 – Explore the waters of Anilao, Batangas! Join our correspondents as they take a plunge into the exciting world of scuba diving.

GFTW Ep3 – Bored with the usual gimmicks? Try going away for the weekend to Balesin, a well-kept secret hideaway in Quezon. Go jungle-trekking, bird-watching, or simply soak up the sun in this beautiful island.

GFTW Ep4 – There’s more to Bohol than just the Chocolate Hills! Join our correspondents as they enjoy Bohol’s beaches and waterfalls, see a tarsier up close, and feast on Bohol’s specialties.

GFTW Ep5 – Feel like going for a drive? Take a scenic trip to Calatagan, Batangas. There, you can feast on oysters and squid, ride the waves using a cable ski, check out ancestral homes, and maybe even buy a balisong!

GFTW Ep6 – Let Subic suprise you! Watch a sea lion show, ride horses on a rugged forest trail,and play with ‘false’ killer whales in this weekend getaway.

GFTW Ep7 – Be amazed at a haven that’s only a few hoursfrom Manila. Take a drive to Laia, Batangas and enjoy a day at the beach. You can also try zoomingin the airwith a unique treat called ‘The Flying Fox’.

GFTW Ep8 – Get ready for an action-packed “Gone for the Weekend”! A TV producer and a photographer have their fill of the great outdoors as they go kayaking, ride a 4×4, and enjoy the pleasures of camping in the beautiful province of Dumaguete.

GFTW Ep9 – Ever tried marching with the band in a town fiesta? Join our correspondents as they celebrate a feast with the town of Lumban. Then, watch them try their hand at kayaking and huckleberry fishing.

GFTW Ep10 – If you think Baguio has nothing new to offer, this weekend experience may change your mind. Visit the Tam-Awan Village, watch how silvercraft is made, and bury our negative traits in a one-of-a-kind cemetery as our correspondents enjoy Baguio as they never have before.

GFTW Ep11 – Take a historical trip with our correspondents in Negros Occidental. Explore the ancestral homes in Silay, marvel at Bacolod’s churches, and enjoy sumptuous Ilonggo cuisine.

GFTW Ep12 – Bored with the usual city life, buddies Mark Esguerra and Jonas Montemayor take off for the Taal-Tagaytay area. They hit the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands and its first class amenities, the taal Lake Yacht Club for some serious sailing, and, as a last stop. Sonia’s Garden for a quiet meal.

GFTW Ep13 – Take a road trip with our correspondent in Albay,Bicol where you can catch sight of the perfect cone Mayon Volcano, glimpse the sight at the 3 waterfalls in Isarog and share the unique experience of exploring the city of Albay.

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