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ISLA VEGAS – The Ninth Island

ISLA VEGAS – The Ninth Island

“SVE Productions, in partnership with VAsianTV and Vegas TV, invite you to watch our new Television Show, ISLA VEGAS, The Ninth Island, a cultural and performing arts show! This new TV Show will be launched on Sunday, September 30, 2012 which will simultaneously broadcast on Vegas TV Channel 14 and VAsianTV KTUD 25.3. It is a unique TV Show that will include various Asian Pacific American communities in Las Vegas, hence the title, “ISLA VEGAS, the Ninth Island”. Our purpose in producing this show is to celebrate diversity that is uniquely Las Vegas – exciting, colorful Las Vegas – by bringing forth together, and showcasing, the talents of a multi-cultural group of people, and in the process learn to appreciate, understand, and embrace our different and unique worlds. To the cultural differences that bring us together as one people of Las Vegas – Cheers! Mabuhay! Kampai! Gun bae! A’kale ma’luna! Manuia! Chok dee! It has been said, “When you learn a new language, you gain a new world!”CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR SPONSORS. PLEASE “PRIVATE MSG” ME. THANKS!”

“Attended by Local Official Representatives, Media, Guests, Friends & Supporters.”

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Airing Sked:  Vegas TV (Cox Cable Channels 14 & 1014; DirecTV 25;

FreeTV 25.1 and 25.2) 6AM on Sundays, starting September 30, 2012.

Replayed on VAsianTV 25.3 and www.VAsiantv.com 3x daily from October 1 at the ff: timeslots:

  • Sundays: 7AM  /  3PM  /  11PM;
  • Mondays: 9AM  /  5PM  /  1AM
  • Tuesdays: 11AM  /  7PM  /  3AM
  • Wednesdays: 2 PM  /  10PM  /  6AM
  • Thursdays: 4PM  /  12AM  /  8AM
  • Fridays:  6PM  /  2AM  /  10AM
  • Saturdays: 9PM  /  5AM  / 1PM


Salve Vargas Productions proudly present the launching of the new Asian Pacific American Cultural and Performing Arts Television Show entitled, “ISLA VEGAS, The Ninth Island”, which airs on Vegas TV 25.1 and 25.2, Cox 14 & 1014, DirecTV 25 and on VAsianTV 25.3 3X Daily.

Salve Vargas Edelman, an International Performing Artist, Filipino-American Community and Business Leader, is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of the new Asian Pacific American Television Show, “ISLA VEGAS, The Ninth Island”, which will showcase the multicultural talents of the Asian Pacific Americans living in Las Vegas! Ms. Edelman will be featuring various Asian Pacific American cultural dance groups such as Heart of Polynesia, Filipiniana Dance Company, Shirley Chen and Dancers, and many more!

According to Salve Vargas Edelman, Founder and President of the “Rising Asian Pacific Americans Coalition for Diversity” (RAPACD), a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, her creative concept in producing this show is mainly because, “Las Vegas is very diverse. When we celebrate diversity, it enriches our lives. Cultural diversity brings together the resources and talents of a diverse group of people for the highest good of all! Our lives are enhanced when we understand, appreciate, embrace, and celebrate many different and unique worlds. It has been said that if you learn a new language, you gain a new world!”

V Asian Group, Inc., a Las Vegas-based Marketing and Entertainment Promotions Company which owns the TV channel brand VAsianTV, has recently finalized a deal with Vegas TV (KTUD 25) to operate its digital channel 25.3 to air programs aimed at the Asian Pacific American community of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. VAsianTV has a wide array of travel, cultural, and lifestyle programs, all in English, produced by and for the Asian Pacific Americans.

Media Contact: Salve Vargas Edelman, Executive Producer, Salve Vargas Productions, 702-418-8968, salveedelman@gmail.com

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