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Maya Bay, Thailand

Maya Bay, Thailand

HOW TO GET TO MAYA BAY: Fly to Bangkok (BBK) through KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (which is awesome) then take a jet down to Phuket. Jump on a cab and have them take you to the docks where you’ll catch a ferry to Phi Phi Island. Reserve a room on Phi Phi before you leave home (I recommend Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa) then take a long-tail boat to Maya Bay at around 11AM the next morning. Most people go through the front entrance to get to the beach but if you feel like being more adventurous then take the back way like we did! You’ll have have to jump off your boat, swim to the ladder then hike through a small forest to get to the beach. It’s much more fun that way, trust me! If you plan on bringing your camera like I did, then BRING A WATERPROOF BAG!!! I took a huge risk to make this video but if it weren’t for that bag, then this video wouldn’t have happened.

Camera used:
Canon 5D Mark II

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