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My list of equipment is small and simple. I have a Canon HF100, a JAG35 DOF adapter and a Canon 55mm 1.4f lens attached to the adapter. On this particular video I didn’t use the adapter. I do a lot of work in post though. I use Sony Vegas for editing and Magic Bullet Looks for color grading/correction.

In terms of tips, what I really focus on are the different elements of composition… what angle, how to frame the subject, how to follow the subject, how to use other elements in the scene to enhance the scene, pull focus (when using the DOF adapter) etc… I used to just point and shoot but have sine learned to take the time to frame the shots before shooting them.

The other thing I spend a considerable amount of time on is making music an integral part of the editing process. I go through tons of music to find the right feel for the video. I then let the music actually guide how I edit the video. Its the anchor.

Hope that helps.

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