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Window – Boljoon Church

Boljoon Church shows old and intricate carvings and bass relief. It is in a pseudo-baroque rococo style. The interior is decorated beautifully. It has a main nave, a transcript, and twenty-eight pillars which support the walls. The walls are as thick as the pillars which are two […]

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Extreme Cebu

Extreme Cebu is a reality television show that takes two females hosts to the limit as they battle heights, water, and all types of obstacles. This show exhibits different extreme venues within the beautiful city of Cebu, Philippines. The show will air on RCTV in Cebu at […]

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Tess D Smith & Sweet Soul Music Review – Proud Mary

Tess D. Smith and the Sweet Soul Music Review present their show authentically and with passion. A first-class live band, the fiery passion of the original and an explosive live performance. The show is an amazing collaboration of various talents all over Germany and Tess Dabasol-Smith is […]

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About Lotte Delima Edwards

About Lotte Delima Edwards Lotte Delima-Edwards’ career in fashion started in her early college years when she did part-time modeling for top designer labels in her hometown, Cebu in the Philippines. While her rose as one of the top models in town was as seamless as her […]

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MALAPASCUA ISLAND is about a 4 hour picturesque drive north of Cebu City, then a short BANCA ride (Outrigger canoe) from Cebu. Well worth the trip because this is one of most unspoiled islands among the 7,107 islands within the Philippines. A diver’s visual feast featuring the […]

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The ESKRIMA (STICK FIGHTING) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was held in Cebu, Philippines at the Ayala Mall exhibition area. A fast-paced skillful sport guaranteed to ward off any enemy….. ABOUT ESKRIMA: Eskrima or escrima refers to a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting with the stick, […]

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