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Tess D Smith & Sweet Soul Music Review – Proud Mary

Tess D. Smith and the Sweet Soul Music Review present their show authentically and with passion. A first-class live band, the fiery passion of the original and an explosive live performance. The show is an amazing collaboration of various talents all over Germany and Tess Dabasol-Smith is […]

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Tess Dabasol Smith – destination w/ Freddy Wonder Combo

This fiery Filipina made a name for herself in Germany. When in Deutchland, look here up because she is one show you would not want to miss. Visit her website at: http://typical-tess.de Check out her photo gallery at: http://typical-tess.de/index.php?function=cms_show&id=76 [tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”stuntdancer tess marites dabasol”]

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