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VA GLOBAL NEWS (formerly VAsian Global News), a locally-produced news magazine show on TV, partners with ECCOCI, a NY-based high-end designer of European fashion wear.

In a Fall Season sneak preview event scheduled on August 3rd at the ECOCCI –Town Square Mall in Las Vegas, VA GLOBAL NEWS  will reveal the new look, feel and focus of the program.  According to Carl Magno, Executive Producer of the show, VA GLOBAL NEWS provides updates on breaking news, sports and entertainment, real estate and immigration tips and updates, aimed at the International /Expat communities of Las Vegas and around the nation.

Already on its 70th episode, VA GLOBAL NEWS airs every Sunday at 2PM on VegasTV via DirecTV channel 25, Cox Cable channels 14 and 1014, KTUD channels 25.1 and 25.2.

Regular hosts Shannon Yang, Nancy Monsay and Ian Amaranto will continue to deliver the top stories and segment highlights.

Seasoned Realtors Melody Mojica and Mark Bowman provide Real Estate and Business news and tips on the “Home Sweet Home” segment.

Island Emory, Founder of the Little Grass Shack’s Radio program in 91.5 The Source | KUNV-FM – Las Vegas, talks about the music and lifestyle of Pacific islanders in “On the 9” segment.

The latest in sports news is provided by Gaming Today sports magazine.  DirecTV and its Vegas-based authorized dealer, Best Satellite, are presentors of the show.

The management of VASIANTV, producer of VA GLOBAL NEWS, attributes the new look, feel and format of the show to a new production team that now includes some of the biggest names in Fashion and Styling.

International Fashion Designer David Tupaz is now Production Designer and Creative Director of the show.  Multi-awarded stylist Feralene Orpilla, AKA Simply Feralene, is the show’s hair and make-up artist.  Multi-talented Bill Bon is officially the Technical and Production Director, but actually wears several hats including graphics design, animation and non-linear editing.  Carl Magno is Executive Producer and Producer-Writer and Guy Rendon is Executive-Producer and Technical Consultant.  Other Team members are:  Winston McGregor, News segment producer; Shannon Yang, Lifestyle segment producer; Nancy Monsay, Health segment producer; Johnie Tidwell, “On the 9” segment producer; Paul Magno, Logistics Manager, Lorenzo Omandac, Finance Manager; Louie Macapinlac, Events Manager; Vic and Sarvi Esquivel, Photography/Staging; and Melody Mojica, “Home Sweet Home” segment producer and Facilities Director.

ECCOCI is an Italian word that translates into “we have arrived.” ECCOCI Limited Editions Collections is a high end designer fashion boutique featuring New York tailored designs made of fine European fabrics such as silk, cashmere, wool, leather, linen and suede. Billie Wilson, Business Development Manager of ECCOCI says that starting August 13, 2013, VA GLOBAL NEWS will be taping the show weekly (Tuesdays) at the ECCOCI –Town Square mall located at 6671 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite A-133, Las Vegas, NV 89119.  She says VA GLOBAL NEWS viewers will be entitled to a special discount.

For more information on VA GLOBAL NEWS, visit www.vasiantv.com or call 702-659-7877.

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